FindYou Consulting

FindYou Consulting

FindYou Consulting is an Executive search firm based in the Portugal working mainly with small to medium-sized, companies who want to expand.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

Achieving diversity in the workforce is a major aim for any successful business.  Our goal is to be an employer of choice for high quality, talented people no matter their gender, sexuality, race, or religion.

Our clients

To understand our client partners objectives, we firstly require objectives to understand the needs of our people.

Delivery on the demands of our people gives us the best platform to provide the top talent to our client partners.


We live by the principle that everyone is born with an intrinsic knowledge of what is the “right thing to do” in any given situation and to act on it accordingly.  We make every decision based on this principle.

We treat people fairly and with respect. We are open and honest with one another.


We work with all parties in a spirit of Teamwork to achieve the best possible outcome for all.  Through our collaboration we learn, innovate, lead change, and exceed expectations.

We treat people fairly and with respect. We are open and honest with one another.


We take care of all the people we work with.  This is fundamental to our approach to every interaction.  We genuinely care about the impact of our actions and work to ensure the well-being of all our stakeholders.

We show empathy by actively seeking to understand the needs of our people and Client Partners.


We are a consulting company devoted to find the best talent for your teams. We are proudly remote operating from Portugal. Welcome!

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